Down Pillows Vs. Feather Pillows – What’s the Difference?

Down Pillows Vs. Feather Pillows – What’s the Difference?

When it comes to creating both soft and reassuring sleep environments, your mattress is not the only star player for bedding products. You also need top-of-the-line and cozy pillows.

There are two soft options available for bed pillows, down pillow and feather pillow, but which one is appropriate for you? Comparing the head-supporting capacities, which bed pillow comes out like a sleep-supportive superstar?

Ultimately, the answer depends on your personal preferences for your sleeping position, but in this guide, we will look at the main differences between these two types of pillows so that you feel better prepared to choose your comfort winner.

Whether you want a down, foam, or down option, our pillow picks come with the perfect mix of softness and support for a good night’s rest.

What Is a Down Pillow?

Here, we have a luxurious discussion of the world of pillows: Down Pillows. But what is a Down Pillow?

A down pillow is a soft cushion filling fiber that is taken from the underside of a duck or swan. These fibers form a fluffy cluster resembling the head of a round and yellow flowering weed.

What Is a Down Pillow?

A down pillow is a valuable material for bedding as it offers many desirable qualities, including:

  • Tenderness – The natural softness below creates the feeling of falling on a cloud.
  • Durability – Because the down will naturally return to its three-dimensional shape, it will not collapse easily and become flat after use.
  • Insulation – Because it is highly insulated, it allows you to stay warm while breathing down. In fact, Down is the most efficient natural insulator in the world.

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What Is a Feather Pillow?

In contrast, the feathers are taken from the back and wings of the goose or ducks. You may have seen this before, they are feathers that you have shed on the ground or utilized for an old-fashioned quill pen.

What Is a Feather Pillow?

Although they offer a very soft filling, the feathers have some disadvantages:

  • It still has quills, which can shock you.
  • Their flatter shape makes them more likely to collapse, meaning they will need more frequent fluffing.
  • They are not as durable as pillows down and may need to be replaced quickly.

However, feather pillows also have advantages, especially in this case:

  • Price – Feather pillows are usually less expensive than down pillows, yet a great soft option.
  • Sleeping position – Side sleepers and belly sleepers may prefer feather pillows, as you can fold the feather pillow more easily to fit around your head and neck.

What is the Difference Between a Down and Feather Pillow?

Feather pillows are constructed the same way as the old down pillows. However, they are fluffier. Feather pillows can be more appealing to some people who find the older style of filling restrictive.

When it comes to price, feather pillows are actually cheaper than down, but not by much. For example, a two-pack of feather pillows can be found for under $30 while a two-pack of down might cost you close to $100. We all need a good night’s sleep, but choosing the right pillow can be daunting. Most people go with a down-filled pillow, but does it really offer more benefits than a feather pillow?

What is the Difference Between a Down and Feather Pillow?

The down-filled pillow is made from feathers, usually, the goose that has been plucked from the bird and then washed. These feathers are then glued into the case with no fillers or other materials. On the other hand, Feather pillows start as a smaller cluster of feathers and can contain as little as four feathers. These clusters of feathers are often stuffed inside the case and bound with cloth or wire to keep them in place.

One reason people prefer fluffy down pillows over feather pillows is that they offer maximum neck support while staying fluffy to the touch. The other major difference between the two is weight. The feathers inside your pillow can be adjusted to whatever loft, or height, you prefer whereas down-pillow fillings are not adjustable.

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Comparing Down vs Feather Pillow

Now that we are aware of both the Down and Feather pillows, let’s see how each of the following four categories works:

  • Softness
  • Support
  • Loft
  • Care


Both pillow options are wonderfully soft, though each will give a slightly different experience.

A down pillow will collapse while retaining some of its original shapes, causing a cloud-like sensation. On the other hand, the feathers are more likely to collapse, which might feel softer to some.


Simply put, neither pillow supports much. Due to the three-dimensional shape of the down pillow, it is less likely to be flat than a feather cushion. But still, it is a pillow for someone who is more interested in softness than support.


The loft indicates its height while you are resting on a pillow. Both types of pillow lofts can vary depending on how full they are. Filling more means more loft.

Both the down and the feather pillows will lose their loft over time, the feather pillows are especially likely to be flat. However, you can minimize these effects by fluffing your pillow after each use.


Caring for pillows both down and feathers is incredibly easy. Once the covers are removed, both are machine washable on a light cycle. They can also be dried in a dryer, but here are some tips to keep in mind when washing these types of pillows:

  • Drain off excess water – Place your pillow in two towels and press gently to reduce drying time. Do not rotate or bend your pillow as this may damage the filling.
  • Use no or low heat – the heat will not take long for your pillow to dry, but it is the safest option to ensure that the filling will not deteriorate.
  • Use dryer balls – these will help keep your pillows fluffy.

So, What Pillow is Best For You?

It really depends on what you like best. Down pillows are extremely soft because they are made from clusters of feather-like material. And while they are softer, they are also less resilient. The down clusters will collapse under the weight of your head while feather pillows will not.

Both down and feather are great options for soft, luxurious pillows that are easy to care for. Although down can provide more durability, the feathers can be more suited to your budget. Now, it’s your choice which one you will choose according to your needs and comforts.

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