How to Choose the Right Summer Bedding

How to Choose the Right Summer Bedding

The summer months are wonderful for taking full advantage of the warm sunshine but do not forget that these weather conditions become decidedly worse for sleeping. This can be especially troublesome if you sleep with the windows open at night or your home doesn’t have air conditioning. The summer bedding should not be too heavy and should breathe well to expel any excess heat. Here are some of the factors you should consider before buying summer bedding:

In this article, we have compiled everything you need to know to pick out the right summer bedding that will suit your needs and preferences. Let’s check them:

How to Pick the Perfect Summer Bedding

Considerations Before Buying a Summer Bedding

Pick the Right Material

The principal thing you need to think about when changing out to summer bedding is what material to utilize. You want to remove those flannel sheets as long as you do not stay in cold weather all year round. I see that linen is my beloved choice. It is breathable, has a relaxed feel and look, and has a delicate color. You can also search for cotton mixes, which are breathable and have cooling innovation. Keep things airy and light. You can often tell by touching a comforter or blanket that it will be weighty and not comfortable in the summer.

Since I generally have a blanket on my bed, I think changing the duvet cover is an incredible method for refreshing and lighting up the space. Can you imagine the linen duvet cover being against your skin? Yes, do it.

Comforter Weight

I like having a feather blanket on my bed. I love having something cushy, and light, yet comfortable and warm. In the winter season, this is a luxury I consider. However, in the summer, that warm blanket can turn into altogether too hot. That’s why I utilize a lighter one in summer. In most home decor stores you can find summer comfort or down options.

You can likewise search comforters that are “all-season” which permit you to keep the same blanket on your bed.


I like to ease up things up in the mid-year. In the winter season, I like to add plaids and more grays. I like to add a little color to my otherwise soft color palette.

Ease up things up with a white duvet or even use raw linen color. Add a touch of green and blue as a fresh pop of shading. I love utilizing blues in my room since it is a very calm shade.

Room Size

Before buying the summer bedding, it is necessary to measure the room, so that when selecting the size of the bedding, there is enough space to store the winter bedding without having to leave it in one place for too long.

Summer is a season everyone loves. However, for some of us, it’s getting a little too hot to sleep on a proper spring or winter bedspread. Plus, summer bedding can help you fight against sweat and discomfort from the heat.

Best Summer Bedding


One of the first things you should consider when shopping for any new piece of bedding is its overall quality. One of your top considerations should be the fabric the items are made out of.


Adding some texture to your summer bedding can enhance the look and feel of your bed. Try to include something with pintucking, fringe, or rouching. These kinds of surfaces should be possible of light texture therefore you are not burdening your bedding. Try adding a throw blanket or pillow to your summer bedding for texture and fun.


I like to add a little color and pattern to my summer bedding. Sheets are a simple method to change out and add interest to your bed without a lot of exertion. Let’s assume you have a linen duvet cover, with a bunch of botanical sheets, add a couple of fun cushions with some periphery or other fun surface and you have the ideal summer bedding.

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